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Find link exchange partners

Sometimes you may find easy and relaxing to install some code in your link page that puts links automatically. You agree to have those links because your link also will be displayed on those sites. While it is true, you should check and see how many of those sites are relevant to your website content. These automatic link exchange do not work now with search engines. Worse, your site may be penalized by search engine like Google.

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There is another way to exchange links with quality sites. What are the main keywords of your site? If your site is marketing beauty products, search on Google, Yahoo or other search engines with keywords like 'cosmetics', 'fragrances' etc. The search engine will show you the list of websites. You make a list of about 100 websites on top of the list for each keyword. Visit those sites and check whether they have a page like 'Add URL' or Add site'. If they have, then they may also have some terms and conditions for accepting websites. Learn them carefully and submit your site for exchange as per the T & C. It is a good practice [and most of the times it is necessary] to add a link to their website on your links page and show them this location.

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If you cannot find a way to submit your site via the site, get their contact information. Good sites always provide means of contact. Write to the webmaster and request for a link. You should make them convince that contents of your website would be beneficial for their visitors. If your site has good and rich content, there should be no problem.

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