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Good Link exchange and SEO ranking


"why is it that when I use the link and check out the sites that have accepted to exchange with me I do not see my site link on their pages, my page is full of them!"

This is something we hear from our members at times.

Some webmasters accept link invitations; but after the inviter adds the link, they do not add the inviter's link.
There are some other webmasters who add the links on pages that will never be found by search engines, let alone by a visitor.
There is another category of webmasters who dupe by adding the link on a temporary page accessible from the homepage but will remove the link on the homepage after sometime.

Those are some of the unethical practices in exchanging links.

LinkAlizer expects members to be ethical and friendly, helping each other to have good business. There need not be any rivalry because each website has its own flavor, giving alternatives to their visitors.

Being an ethical and honest webmaster brings credit not only to the person but also to the site. When you are honest, others will know it. You should make the otherwebmasters LIKE to exchange links with you.

We list below some good practice in exchanging links so that your site will get a good name, thus increasing popularity and search engine ranking.

1. Create link page/s in your site and place a visible link on the homepage to the main links page or directory.
2. Limit the number of links in a page to less than 50 for better results. Create additional pages for more links.
3. Before adding a link to a website, visit the site and check their links page/s and, most importantly, see whether the link page/s can be accessed from the homepage.
4. When you add a link, do it sincerely so that the link will generate traffic to that website. Sorting link titles alphabetically will make it easy to locate links.
5. If you agree to exchange links with another site, be honest and add their link after verifying that the inviter has added your link on a page acceptable to you.
6. When you visit a site, look whether the site has provided any means to contact them. If there is not, may be you should think twice before adding their link.
7. It is a good practice to communicate with the webmasters of the sites for which you add a link. It is not practicable [and not necessary] always, but when you havea doubt or when you want to change something, it would become helpful to contact the webmaster directly.
8. Remember that good practices always bring rewards. If you have a clean website and be honest with other webmasters, search engines will know it. All other optimization are only secondary to good practice.

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